About Hot Yoga

What is Hot Yoga?

This is yoga postures performed under hot and humid conditions with the studio being heated to 37 degree heat by infrared heaters.

Why Hot Yoga?

  1. It will increase your flexibility (which can be an obvious benefit of all Yoga). However, the heat expedites the stretching process beyond your limits at room temperature. The external heat allows muscles to expand and contract to greater limits, so that a higher flexibility can be achieved without the risk of injury.

  2. It can detoxify your body, as you sweat you reduce water retention and sweat out a long list of toxins and chemicals. Experiencing a deep sweat is a great way to open your pores and rid dirt, grime and other stubborn bacteria, leaving your skin with an awesome post yoga glow.

  3. It can aid in weight loss - holding various poses as well as the increased heat makes your heart pump and encourage the body to build lean muscle. A single 90 min class can help to burn up to 1000 calories.

  4. It helps to promote mindfulness. Yoga is about cultivating mindfulness, which is the practise of paying attention without judgement, but with purpose. Hot yoga can heighten the physical environment, which, for most encourages us to become present and take note of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

  5. It can help ease lower back pain, joint problems, sciatica, tight and sore muscles, and overall well being.

  6. Finally, it can boost you mood. Those with depression may find that practising in the heat helps to ignite their internal fire, which can cleanse and release stagnant energy and stimulate passion. Prolonged sweating is a great way to boost endorphins in the brain, and these chemicals can act as our body’s natural pain relievers, which is why this practise can leave so many to feel open and relaxed.

What to bring?

A mat and a towel, there will be changing facilities in the studio, we have 1 shower so this use is limited.

You can hire out towels and mats for a small cost of £1 each.